As a developer, its always fun to see a spike in traffic and try and figure out what the cause was. In most cases its a blog post, as was the case today when I saw a spike in activations for my app LocateMyDroid. Thanks to Google Analytics it was easy to track down that the traffic was coming from a post by Dwight Silverman entitled “First apps for your new smartphone” on chron.com.

LocateMyDroid was listed as one of the first apps you should install, and if you have hopes for finding you lost phone you will need to have the app installed before you lose it. I have seen a few other apps out there that allow you to do a remote install of their locating app, but I strive to call my app SECURE in that you need to activate the phone and prove you are the owner of the phone before you can track it, and remote installs don’t allow for that extra step (that I am aware of, if someone knows of an Android post-install hook I would love to know about it).

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    Your web analytics series is fantastic this helps me out quite a bit because I want to optimize my analytics to really see what is going on with my blog that is hosted through Google